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Seed cycling and the possibility of giving birth to a pumpkin

Since I am not undergoing any fertility treatments, yet (and hopefully never), I have been researching other ways to regulate my cycle and hopefully help me to conceive. With my luteal phase getting shorter and shorter, I need to find a way to up my progesterone.

The first instinct is to look at what foods will help which led me to sunflower seeds, which then led me to seed cycling. Seed cycling is all about eating certain seeds on certain days to balance hormones.

The four magic seeds are:

  1. Pumpkin

  2. Flax

  3. Sesame

  4. Sunflower

So, I am not really an earthy-crunchy person so I am not going to preach about alternative medicine, BUT I am also not a doctor. So, how about we just put me right in the middle of the spectrum, which I like to call "Eh, I'll try anything."

So, I am willing to give this a shot but... I have always been paranoid about eating seeds.

I was one of those kids that were convinced that if you ate a seed, it would grow in your stomach. I used to have nightmares about Jack and the giant beanstalk. I would be eating string beans for dinner then all a sudden a feel these pains in my stomach. I would open my mouth to scream and the beanstalk would start to shoot out.

So side note on this, I watched a lot of horror movies before the age of 10. I would sneak out of bed at night and watch them when my mom has them on. Bad idea. Really bad idea. For years I was also afraid of twins, elevators, priests, cozy hotel manors in the winter, puzzle boxes, birds, and much much more. Funny enough, now I want twins.

I also once thought that fat people were fat because they ate pumpkin and watermelon seeds and one day they would pop and a watermelon or pumpkin would roll out. This also applied to pregnant women in which a baby would hatch from said melon.

Don't judge me, I was a stupid kid with poor sex education.

But on the plus side, all the stuff I read said to ground it... So there is very little chance I will grow a pumpkin and get turned into a carriage to transport Cinderella to the ball. Always nice to add new weird nightmares to the list...

*Body paint art done by Riina Laine

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