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Finding the funny side of trying to conceive

For better or worse, for richer LH peaks and poorer low levels, in TWW madness and in DPO hell, to test and squint, from this cycle forward until BFP do us part.

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It's time for a LH strip photo shoot

While trying to conceive, I want as much information as possible -- I want so much data about my body that I feel that I am an expert.

The red solo cup is the best receptacle

I had stacks of those small plastic disposable urine cups which held maybe a tablespoon of urine. Every morning, I am convinced that I...

I grabbed my boob on a Zoom call

For the first time in a few days, I wearing a bra and a fairly nice top. However, I work from home currently, so they are paired with the...

Testing and digging through the trash

One common thought shared by most women trying to conceive is that maybe, just this once, YOU will be the one to get a positive pregnancy...

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